Karen Jinryou

Gender: Female Age: 15 / 16 Eye Color: Brown Light Novel / Grey Manga / Anime Hair Color: Black Occupation: Student Debut: Volume 1 Chapter 16 Light Novel / Chapter 6 Manga / Episode 3 Anime Karen Jinryou is one of the main female characters of the series. Karen is a girl that comes from a Samurai family. Appearance: Karen is a very beautiful teenage girl with a curvaceous body and wellendowed figure with muscular womanly thighs She has fair skin with beautiful straight long and silky black hair. Kimito states she looks like Yamato Nadeshiko a term used to describe a traditionally ideal Japanese woman when he first sees her. She has bluegreyish eyes and she is usually seen with her school uniform. She always carries a real Katana hung at her waist. Personality: Karen has developed her own sword style which she named after herself. Many of her peers seem to be intimidated by her describing her as a Scary person. And when people first meet her they feel a cold and aloof presence. When faced with something she likes she will react by saying things such as how pointless though her true feelings are very obvious. Karen is described to be lonely but she is the type that can never help worrying about the mood of the people around her. Shes a klutz who makes mistakes very often but she got a gift for smoothing them very often out with laughs. Shes passive when it comes to love and shes a very shy girl sometimes.