Nijimi Anazawa

穴沢 虹海
Nicknamed Nijimin she is the most popular idol of the idol group Inu Asobi Puppy Play. Aya and Tsuyuno try to meet her based on a Slaughter Note of wands Rina was carrying. Though her normal demeanor is very perky and friendly when shown a picture of Rina she becomes very upset and homicidal. She wants to avenge the death of her friend Mikadon also a magical girl who was murdered by Rina in order to steal her mechanical pencil wand. She later feels betrayed when she learnt that Aya and Tsuyuno had been keeping Rinas location a secret from her as she doesnt know that they need Rinas help regarding the Tempest. Nijimin also falls in love with Ayas brother though is unaware that he abuses Aya until he steals her wand and uses it to ambush the others. Nijimin can control anyones mind with her wand a pair of panties. The emblem on them and in her eyes when she uses it is a purple spade. Her physical changes while using her wand are concealed such as wearing contact lens to hide the emblem in her eyes dying her hair to conceal her hair color change and applying concealer on her wrist to cover her lifespan emblem. Nijimins favorite things are apples tapioca milk tea and dogs.