Yousei Yunde

妖精弓手, High Elf Archer, Anvil Chest
A high elf adventurer. She came with Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest to find Goblin Slayer and recruit his help. They face some trouble earlier as they are unable to pronounce Goblin Slayer and refer to him in other names until they find him. They revel their objective due to the increase in other demon monsters there are not enough people to deal with Goblins and the elf army cannot mobilize to attack goblins as it would create suspicion and panic if the army were focusing only on taking out the weakest monsters. They wish to hire Goblin Slayer to help them kill goblins. Her party also joins him to help him. She initially looks down on Goblin Slayer due to his unkempt and weak appearance but later comes to respect him when she sees him in battle. She is a lightweight when it comes to drinking. She is Silver Rank.