The protagonist of the story. Along with his sword Lamia with whom he is able to communicate seemingly telepathically he suddenly finds himself pulled into the world of the Gressen Continent. Although his real name is Chunhwa when he soon comes upon a ragtag group of travelers soon to become his friends he gives the first name that pops into his head: ID. Although he did not realize it he chose a new fate for the world when he gave that name. With his long hair thin build and fair features ID has the appearance of a young woman and is often mistaken for such which is quick to anger ID. He is a man of immense immeasurable and incomparable strength both physical and magical. He was raised by his older sisters in his original world and both loves and misses them deeply since coming to the Gressen Continent. He seems to be both especially fond of and fearful of his eldest sister OakBing.