Megumi Fushiguro

伏黒恵, Sea Urchin Head
Birthday:Dec 22, 2002
Species: Human Height: 175 cm 59 Occupation: Sorcerer Student Affiliation: Jujutsu High Grade: Grade 2 Sorcerer Cursed Technique: 10 Shadows Megumi is the deuteragonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a firstyear student at Jujutsu High and also a descendant of the Zenin Family. While outwardly stoic and calculating Megumi wishes to help protect people he sees as good or kind. He believes that the world is unfair and that a Sorcerer is a tool to ensure kind people are given more chances to live. Claiming it to be his selfish and irrational desire he does not see himself as a hero for doing this.