Hikari Kagura

神楽ひかり, Student Number 29
Hikari Kagura is the deuteragonist of ShjoKageki Revue Starlight. She is a second year student from the Actor Training Department that is in Seisho Music Academys 99th Graduating Class. She was born on January 8th making her a Capricorn. She had lived in London for 12 years attending the Royal Academy of Theatrical Actors and comes back to Tokyo Japan in episode 1 of the show. When she was younger and around her stay in London she was an outgoing theater student. But when she was defeated in her final Revue it shattered her. She is mostly uninterested in things unless they involve Jellyfish Karen Aijo theater or Mr. White. Her main color is Blue and her main weapon is Caliculus Bright before episode 8 and Blossom Bright after episode 8. sources: Revue Starlight Wiki