Asuka Masamune

Birthday:Sep 6
The main character of the story. He039s very masculine and cool but secretly he loves girls039 things. This however does not stop him from being necessarily tough on occasion he can defend himself and his friends. When Asuka was young his father left his family because he wanted to become a woman. This affected Asuka039s mother severely and when she saw that her son was starting to like girls039 things she forced him to be masculine. Asuka also clearly states that while he likes girly things he does not want to become a woman. When a new girl in school Ryou Miyakozuka is being bullied he defends her and afterwards falls in love with her. Among his talents besides sports includes cooking and sewing. He also enjoys reading the fictional manga quotLove chickquot which runs in quotHana to Mamequot a play of words on the actual manga magazine Hana to Yume the sister magazine in which Otomen runs.