Daikichi Kawachi

河地大吉, Dai-chan
Daikichi is a 30 year old bachelor who has a tendency of scaring away both women and children. Whilst he doesnt exactly mind that he scares children as he isnt too fond of young people he seems to be lonely as a single man. At his grandfathers funeral he meets a newly orphaned illegitimate child named Rin. In a fit of anger at his relatives cold shoulder to the girl he announces that he will be the one to take care of her. Daikichi now finds himself in the role of father and must adjust his life accordingly. Daikichi doesnt have much motivation aside from getting to work each day. When his grandfather passes away Daikichi feels sorry for the unwanted child that is left behind and takes her in. A bachelor and inexperienced with kids he has a lot to learn so he can care for Rin properly but with his laid back personality and honest hard work to give her exactly what she needs Daikichi learns as he goes. His patient awkward gentle and straight forward nature works perfectly opposite to Rins shy wit. He is constantly learning as a new parent but you cant help but love him for each mistake he makes.