Satou Matsuzaka

松坂さとう, Sato-mew, The Sugar Girl
Birthday:Dec 31
Satou Matsuzaka learns to love for the first time after meeting Shio Koube and lives with her in a shared apartment. Publically she tells people that she resides with her aunt in her apartment and keeps the fact that she lives with Shio a secret. Satou is a freshman at Makikou High School and primarily works at Cure Cute maintaining a kind nature and getting along well with other people in order to sustain her lifestyle with Shio. While she wishes she could spend her time with Shio forever in their apartment she is aware of the fact that they cannot live on peacefully if she does not work and earn money for food utilities etc. Because of this Satou often has to confront the outside world where people interfere with her relationship due to her past history of accepting anyone who has confessed to her and changing partners every three days. Satou is prone to severe animosity when people disrupt her relationship with their interpretation of love and can be easily provoked when it comes to Shio due to her overprotectiveness. She is willing to take any action necessary to eliminate threats to Shio and their Happy Sugar Life.