Laios Thorden

ライオス トーデン, Laius, Laios Touden
Age: 26 Likes: Dairy products Dislikes: Cephalopods Laios Thorden is one of the main protagonists and leader of the party. He is a human with short blond hair and brown eyes. His outfit while dungeoncrawling is a set of plate armour. Laios is a very strong fighter and the leader of the party. He is a very calm and gentle person who is excited to try different monster meals. He often uses the knowledge gained from cooking monsters to develop techniques to defeat them. He tends to speak very quickly when excited. Despite his deep knowledge and passion for monsters as well as in combat situations he often falters outside of these situations due to an absence of self preservation or common sense towards his objectives. He also tends to lack tact and social skills when dealing with others often saying everything that comes to his mind to the point where it causes frustration and confusion in others. Despite this Laios is extremely friendly and accepting towards others being quick to forge friendships with other groups and even Orcs and becoming excited at the prospect of others seeing him as their friend. Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki