Nejire Hadou

波動ねじれ, Nejire Hado, Nejire-chan
Age: 17 first appearance 18 current Birthday: October 6 Height: 164 cm 54 Occupation: Student Quirk: Wave Motion ability to convert bodys vitality into energy that can discharge as blast waves She is thirdyear student at U.A. High School and is part of The Big 3 the strongest three hero students in all of Japan. Nejire is very enthusiastic affable and cheery and is always seen moving. She shows great interest in peoples unique physical features and is easily distracted by them. She seems to like knowing more than others but not in a proud way as she just enjoys explaining things to people and sharing her knowledge. Despite her happygolucky personality Nejire is fierce in battle. When the situation calls for it Nejire can be very calm and focused. Her curiosity never seems to extend to the enemy and she always maintains her focus on taking them down. Source: Wikia