Aster Laker

Age: 18 Hometown: Sybak Race: Human Occupation: Scientist Aster Laker was a former member of Sybak University in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World who supposedly appeared and acted similarly to Emil Castagnier. Richter states at the end of the game that Aster was an idealist. He became friends with a halfelf despite the discrimination toward them during the time Tethealla was separated from Sylvarant. Asters name derives from the Greek aster meaning star and he has a starshaped birthmark above his collarbone. Most of Asters past is unknown but it is said that he was a prodigy and entered the Sybak university at age nine. Sometime after this he began to study in the research laboratories being partnered with the halfelf Richter Abend. Despite them being of two different races they became good friends. Two years prior to the events of the story when the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethealla merged into one world Asters research into Summon Spirits led him to hypothesize that a Summon Spirit controlled the worlds flow of mana. He and Richter set out to prove the existence of Ratatosk the Summon Spirit in question and hopefully convince him to take back up his duties so that the natural disasters plaguing the newlyjoined world will cease.