Iris Lana Armelia

アイリス・ラーナ・アルメリア, Young Lady, Ojo-sama
Gender: Female Age: 16 Eye color: Blue Hair Color: PlatinumBlonde Relatives: Bern Tashi Armelia Younger Brother Mellice Reese Armelia Mother Louis Dan Armelia Father Gazelle Daz Anderson Grandfather Iris Lana Armelia is the female protagonist of Koushaku Reijou No Tashinami. Her memories and personality were fused with a modernday 30 year old Japanese lady unnamed who died from a car accident. She is the Dukes daughter and became the Feudal Lord Representative of her fathers territory after having her engagement with the Second Prince Edward Tom Tasmeria annulled. Iris has a petite and slim figure. Her hair is long and is platinum blonde. She wears a beaded circlet under her bangs. Her eyes are clear sky blue. She wears an assortment of gowns for any occasion but they all have shades of blue in some way. She was a worker in financial department as an accountant but her life ended when a drunk driver ran her over with their truck and she wakes up to find herself being accused of harassing the barons daughter as Iris the game character who was supposed to be the antagonist. After leaving the trial she had to confront her father the duke of Armelia so she wont end up what she was fated to get as a punishment in the original game. In the end she was placed as a person acting as the fief lord and became the creator of a successful conglomeration. Because she worked as an accountant in her previous life she is extremely intelligent and very good with numbers which is very rare in the time she is now although she was also an otaku for otome games. She is in a world where shes the only daughter of the Armelia family very beautiful and a hardworking woman in charge of the Azura Conglomeration.