Yuuji Itadori

虎杖悠仁, Sukuna's Vessel, The Tiger of West Junior High
Birthday:Mar 20, 2003
Species: Human Height: 173 cm 58 Occupation: Sorcerer Student Vessel Affiliation: Jujutsu High Yuuji is a fair person who cares greatly for not only his comrades but anyone he views as people with their own wills despite how deep or shallow his connection to them is. He cares greatly for the value of a life and to this end he will ensure that others receive a proper death. He is easy to anger in the face of pure cruelty and unfair judgment of other people. He doesnt have the born talent required to use cursed techniques but he has incredible athletic abilities and he is considered very strong for his age as shown by when he easily beat a coach in Steel Ball Throw.