Shinya Momotsuki

桃月 心也, Momo
Birthday: June 20 Height: 159 cm Eye Color: Dark green Likes: Fried shrimp Dislikes: Bell peppers Shinya Momotsuki is a boy who is referred to as cute by many girls and even boys. He was confessed to by Yuki Kurihara and started dating her. Even though hes inexperienced with love he wants to make Yuki happy. Momo is a young boy with short brown hair and dark green eyes. He appears to be shorter than the majority of the guys in his school. Hes usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a white blouse with a yellow shirt underneath it dark green pants with a brown belt and black sports shoes. His appearance is androgynous. Hes very selfconscious about his height causing his friends to make fun of him. Source: Momokuri Wikia edited