Yuki Nomura

野村 ユウキ
The selfproclaimed childhood friend of Masato Kataoka who affectionately calls him Maakun. Yuki strives to live like a girl and moves to Tokyo with the hope that he can make a fresh start with his new life. He moves into Masatos apartment and begins attending Masatos high school wearing a girls uniform. Yuki quickly becomes popular among his peers and no one is aware that he is actually male. Even the teacher Mizutanisensei who begins living with Yuki and Masato does not realize it. Although claiming that he is not a homosexual or bisexual Yuki bluntly states that he is in love with Masato because of how kind he was to him when they were kids. He constantly wears a Hello Kitty pendant that he claims Masato gave to him and reminisces about their childhood together often.