Gen Asagiri

あさぎりゲン, 浅霧幻
Birthday:Apr 1, 2000
Initial Age:19
Blood Type:B
Height: 175 cm 59 Gen Asagiri is an enemy turned ally of Senku. Originally depetrified by Tsukasa Shishio he was sent to find Senku only to defect to the Kingdom of Science. Gen later becomes one of the Five Wise Generals. He is somewhat full of himself and his abilities taking pride in his status as a magician and a mentalist along with his knowledge of the human psyche. Gen is rather quirky and can often be seen speaking in Pig Latin. He tends to be lazy self absorbed and perverted and he is also perfectly capable of lying without a hint of stress or change in expression. While he frequently portrays an aura of selfishness hard selfinterest manipulation and deviousness Gen is intrinsically a good person who cant bring himself to harm others. His outward appearance is masked by his mastery in psychology but his actions tell of loyalty determination kindness and even sacrifice at times. While not nearly as intelligent in terms of science compared to Senku he proves to be his equal and one of his most vital allies due to his ability to understand the human psyche and manipulate people through lies in contrast to Senkus more honest nature. He uses his abilities to promote cooperation and enthusiasm motivate allies conduct negotiations and outsmart enemies. He tends to shift between acting as a ditzy airhead when it suits him such as to avoid work or going into battle and an intelligent manipulator. He is confident and is shown to have nerves of steel even in the face of death. He has frequently stated that his favourite drink is cola and that he cannot handle alcohol.