Junko Konno

紺野純子, Number 4, Zombie 4, The Legendary Showa-era Idol
Birthday:Sep 2, 1964
Age:19 (Physically) 53-55 (Chronologically)
Death: December 9 1983 Height: 155cm 51 Weight: 40kg Konno Junko was an idol from the 80s whose popularity caused the idol boom of said decade. She died in 1983 on a plane crash. She is titled as the Legendary Showa Idol Densetsu no Shwa aidoru. Junko seems to be calm collected little shy but also a little serious if not daring. This serious side is shown when she tries to escape the mansion collaborates with Saki and Sakura in going in the Hot Springs and when it comes to idols. She seems prone to panic whenever something disturbing happens. Because of the different time period she lived in her views of Idols contrast from modern times. Source: Zombieland Saga Wikia