Mami Takahashi

Haruna's best friend since middle school. She is notably calm and collected, being able to read Haruna like an open book. Their friendship is a close one and Haruna has described how Mami first became her friend by helping her with her pitching. She has a part-time job at a video rental shop and was the softball captain of their team. Haruna often has a very high opinion of Mami believing that she is 'amazing'. She describes Mami as kind, clever and calm, which is often replied to by the statement that Mami is a 'nice girl' or a 'good girl'. It has been revealed too that Mami extremely values her friendship with Haruna, even going to the extent of saying that she 'betrayed' Haruna for not believing and trusting in Haruna's pitch, which had lost them that game in third year. Mami has proven at several times, that she is highly perceptive, especially concerning Haruna. Haruna, in turn, demonstrates her affection for Mami by trying to help her find her own love. This has led to a date with Asaoka because of their similarities. Her relationship with Asaoka and their friendship is uncertain, though they seem to have a common understanding of each other. (Source: Wikipedia)