Rui Tachibana

橘瑠衣, Rui-Rui
Date of birth: September 5 1997 Sign: Virgo Gender: Female Age: 16 at the beginning Height: 1.60 m 53 Eye color: Magenta Hair color: Blue Occupation: College student Rui Tachibana is one of the main female protagonists of Domestic na Kanojo She is the younger sister of Hina Tachibana but soon after Tsukiko Tachibana Ruis divorced mother marries a widower named Akihito Fujii Rui becomes Natsuo Fujii stepsister. Appearance: Rui is a slim girl with short blue hair bright magenta eyes and she generally has a blank expression on her face accompanied by an equally monotone voice. These combined character traits has made her hard to read leading to misunderstandings of her being antisocial. Over time her face becomes more expressive much to her chagrin since she gets teased for it. In most of the series she is often seen wearing her uniform which consists of the standard white collar shirt sweater vest and a plaid skirt. After graduating from high school she is often seen in casual clothing when not wearing a chefs uniform for work. Personality: At first glance Rui is an aloof and blunt girl who is hard to read emotionally. Her standoffish personality has made it difficult for her to socialize. As her first meeting at a mixer she didnt do much to interact with the others. Once someone passes through her cold demeanor Rui is actually a very kind and loving girl throughout the series. In spite of this it can be hard for her to express her feelings towards someone she genuinely likes. She is very supportive of people she cares about in spite of their flaws and even if their desires conflict with her own. Rui has a tendency to pout when things dont go her way though Natsuo finds this feature of hers adorable. Rui is also surprisingly easy to embarrass in spite of her stoic personality. When Natsuo lists all of her behaviors he finds cute especially to other people in front of her she becomes overwhelmingly flustered.