ゆうぎり, Yuugirin, Number 5, Zombie 5, The Legendary Courtesan
Birthday:Nov 23, 1863
Death: December 28 1882 Yuugiri was a highranking courtesan from the Meiji era. After being resurrected from the dead she becomes a member of the zombie idol group Franchouchou. Yuugiri remains very calm and traditional in various situations probably due to the period in which she lived and where she worked. Despite this she seems to calmly accept and adapt to the changes in modern Japanese society. Every time she sees someone depressed she physically hits people to get them out of their mood. The problem is that most of the time they have already recovered when Yuugiri slaps them and tells them exactly what they were trying to say. Although she is not immune from freaking out around others she is generally able to remain calm and composed in most of her outlandish situations which is even more impressive because she is the oldest of the group. In reality she has never been seen to have any questions or ask another of the girls about something since it seems that she can learn very quickly or is simply one of the people who have no doubts when doing something. Despite this characteristic she still looks collaborative with the group doing everything that is said without asking. The name Yugiri means evening mist.