Sorata Muon

無音 宙太, Chuu-Chan, Mouse
A male college art teacher who is actually a thief under the name Mouse. He follows a 400year tradition as Mouse and will not abandon those who serve him. As Mouse Sorata has access to a vast arsenal of transports and machines to help him all of which are hidden underneath the college that he works at. At school he is usually seen messing up with his teacher duties gaining a stern lecture from Mei Yayoi and Hazuki with everyone unaware of their relationship with him. Though he is a very popular teacher gaining attraction from many of his female students. Though he usually tries to avoid having sex after becoming drunk he obtains a limitless sex drive sleeping with countless women with no sights of slowing down however after he sobers up he does not remember anything he did. He is friends with Inspector Minami and his daughter Rika who he sees like a family though they are unaware he is Mouse. He has a fear of stag beetles because of a childhood trauma where when hunting for one he went to urinate just as a stag beetle pinched him on his penis. Ssource: Wikipedia