Sayu Ogiwara

Age: 17 Gender: Female Hair Color: Medium Brown Eye Color: Brown Residence: Asahikawa Hokkaido Marital Status: Single Occupation: High School Student Convenience Store Clerk Affiliation: Sayu Ogiwara is the main female character of the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. She is a runaway high school girl from Hokkaido who ended up in Tokyo in which she had a fateful encounter with a stranger named Yoshida. After running away from her hometown and family for unclear reasons Sayu was forced to adapt and live her new life as a runaway high school girl. With no money to sustain her basic needs like food and shelter she gathered her resolve and resorted into seducing men using her body as a bargaining chip in order to survive. As she kept this lifestyle for about half a year she became shrewd and adopted a playful flirty mask to hide her pain and used her bright smile for deceit. To mask her identity she used aliases. She also developed a high level of maturity and strong mental fortitude traits which are uncommon for a normal high school girl to have at her age.She hated what she was doing at first but after a while being wanted by those men made her feel she could be herself and that she was needed. For her it was simple and she liked it that way. Because she was already used to that kind of arrangement she was conflicted when Yoshida let her stay without any significant demands.