Rinko Shirokane

白金燐子, Rin-rin, RinRin
Birthday:Oct 17
Height: 157 cm 52 Instruments: Roland FA08 and Roland AXSynth Black The student council president of Hanasakigawa Girls High School and the last member to join Roselia as their keyboardist. She is also part of the library committee at school. Rinko is very shy and is at first scared of the idea of performing in a live concert. She is also the bands costume designer and sews their outfits all by herself. Her hobbies are reading and playing online games the latter through which she met her best friend Ako. Socially awkward Rinko is a shy and asocial girl who was initially too frightened to speak in front of others let alone perform before them. She has a tendency to stammer when speaking and usually keeps quiet until she feels comfortable. When she is set on or passionate about something however she does so with conviction like piano or online games. Rinko also tends to get very excited about her passions to the point where when she was explaining how Neo Fantasy Online worked to the other Roselia members she was speaking in an alarming speed.