Yukina Minato

Birthday:Oct 26
Height: 155cm 51 Minato Yukina is a secondyear student at Haneoka Girls High School and is the cold and fierce leader of Roselia. She is a powerful vocalist sparking the admiration of the other Roselia members. She is nextdoor neighbors with Imai Lisa who is also her childhood friend and considers Mitake Ran somewhat of a rival. Yukina has a coldblooded and cutthroat attitude towards reaching her goals cutting down any obstacles in her path. She expects nothing less than perfect and takes practice very seriously. Because of this she has no qualms with chiding or insulting someone if she feels they are underperforming. She is openly dismissive and unkind to people she deems below her standards. However with the people she warms up to she is not quite as nasty as usual. She also has a soft spot for cats though she refuses to admit it.