Lisa Imai

今井リサ, Lisachi, Lisa-nee
Birthday:Aug 25
Height: 158 cm 52 Instrument: ESP BTL Roselia Lisa Bass A student at Haneoka Girls High School and Roselias bassist. She follows gyaru fashion but keeps her interest in amigurumi secret since it does not match her image. She is good at baking cookies and is part of the dance club at school. Lisa is best friends and nextdoor neighbors with Yukina and they have been good friends since they were young. Outside of the band Lisa is also friends with Moca who is her coworker at her parttime job at the convenience store Lisa is a friendly and lively girl who appears mature and calm. Despite her appearance Lisa acts as the mediator in tense situations. Shes often credited with keeping Roselia together despite the members contrasting personalities and disagreements at times. She often chides the others if she feels necessary and brings balance to the group. Lisa is very caring in nature shes able to notice when a friend is troubled and is often the first to try and help. She does her best to do what she can for others sometimes to a fault putting her all into helping someone regardless of her own feelings. She sometimes calls herself an oneesan older sister but the other characters have also compared her to a mother. Despite her proficient skills as a bassist Lisa believes she is the least skilled member of Roselia. She gets sentimental and easily cries when her friends especially Yukina reaffirm just how much she is needed in the band or in general. BanG Dream Wikia edited