Ran Mitake


Ran is a first-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Afterglow. She considers Yukina somewhat of a rival.

Ran is the only child of the masters of a flower-arrangement school that dates back to over 100 years ago. While she has no particular interests, she is strong-willed and hates losing, and is the type of person to treasure her childhood friends and family deeply. Despite this, she founded Afterglow as an attempt to rebel against her father, who wants her to inherit the school.

Ran has an aloof nature, which hides her loneliness from other people. Deep down, she wishes to become closer to others, but can be socially awkward and has a tendency to trip over her words. She can be easily flustered and is somewhat hot-blooded. She keeps her problems to herself and brushes off help from others, but while she may appear cold or detached, the warmer side to her is best seen in her quiet fondness towards her friends, primarily the other members of Afterglow. Ran observes the other members while remaining unobtrusive and cares for them greatly; she often asks about their well-being or laughs at their jokes, albeit subtly.

(Source: BanG Dream Wikia)