Himari Uehara

上原ひまり, Hii-chan
Birthday:Oct 23
Height: 155cm 51 Himari is a firstyear student at Haneoka Girls High School and is the leader and bassist of Afterglow. She is a huge fan of Kaoru. Himari is cheerful goodnatured and is the band coordinator. She struggles to read the mood of a situation which means she sometimes does things that have no effect. Shes weak to tearjerkers and sentimental episodes and is fairly romantic. She is also weak to being teased. Himari enjoys comparing the different sweets she buys from convenience stores and likes making them as well. She also likes cute things like clothing and stuffed animals but wants to be seen as cool by others. Her ideas are normally teased or rejected but her bandmates try to show support in their own way. Source: BanG Dream Wikia