Tomoe Udagawa

宇田川巴, Tomo-chin
Birthday:Apr 15
Height: 168cm 56 Tomoe is a firstyear student at Haneoka Girls High School and Afterglows drummer. She is the older sister of Ako. Tomoe is friends with the adults who work in the shopping district and often attends her hometowns festivals to play the taiko drums. Outside of the band she is also friends with Saaya and also works parttime at the fast food restaurant. Tomoe is a fairly relaxed person who never says anything bad about other people or holds grudges against them. She keeps the band from falling apart. She is idolized for her cool but mature way of handling things. Despite her mature punk look she is very caring towards others and is always there to lend support or a shoulder to cry on. While she is unable to understand Akos behavior at times she loves her sister and supports her. Tomoe is also shown to be hotblooded and the type to rush into things headfirst if she thinks someone she loves has been hurt. This has a tendency to backfire on her at times. Source: BanG Dream Wikia