Aya Maruyama

Birthday:Dec 27
Height: 156cm 51 Aya is a secondyear student at Hanasakigawa Girls High School and the lead singer of PastelPalettes. She also works parttime at the fast food store with Kanon. Aya has always admired idols ever since she was young and the reason she wanted to become an idol was because of the idol group Marmalades lead Ayumi. Aya then spent three years being a trainee idol before she was chosen to become the lead singer for PastelPalettes. On the outside Aya is very cheery highspirited and bubbly. She is also very nice and has always been in love with idols. She is unselfish in her pursuits helping others for the sake of being kind. Deep down however she is a sensitive girl who suffers from a complex stemming from her desire to be noticed. Adding to this she does not wear her disguise outside because she wants to get noticed and even looks up constantly what people think of her on the internet. She gets worked up easily and tends to cry a lot thus her improvisation skills are poor. Source: BanG Dream Wikia