Chisato Shirasagi

白鷺千聖, Chi-chan
Birthday:Apr 6
Height: 152 cm 50 The bassist of the band PastelPalettes and a student at Hanasakigawa Girls High School. Chisato is polite mature and responsible however she can also be very blunt and come across as cold or condescending. Prior to joining the band she was a child actress and did not know how to play the bass. Outside of the band she is also Kanon and Kaorus childhood friend the former she met in middle school and the latter a lot earlier through their parents. As she has been in the entertainment industry for a long time Chisato is quite a realist when it comes to it and disliked Ayas idealistic view of it at first. She gets slightly embarrassed by people bringing up her past and past works as a child actress. She also dislikes when everyone thinks that she can do anything. Source: BanG Dream Wikia edited