Eve Wakamiya

若宮イヴ, Eve-chin
Birthday:Jun 27
Height: 163cm 54 Eve is halfJapanese and halfFinnish hailing from Finland. She is a student at Hanasakigawa Girls High School and Pastel Palettess keyboardist. Before joining Pastel Palettes she was a model at the same agency and had some skill in playing the piano. She finds Japanese culture exciting often citing bushido the code of Japanese warriors. She is a bright girl who tackles everything standing in her path full throttle. She is enthusiastic and chipper eager to learn all that she can about Japan. At times her thought process can be strange and when going on about Bushido and other samurairelated things which she takes quite seriously she comes off as humorous. Her actions also tend to confuse Aya and the people around her. Eve is easygoing polite and loves hugging people. Though she has some misconceptions about Japan and sometimes misunderstands what other people say Eve always tries her best to learn. Source: BanG Dream Wiki