Nanao Kisaragi

Birthday:Oct 18
Height: 170 cm 57 Nanao Kisaragi is a firstyear at Kazemai High School and a member of the kyudo club. Ever since he was little Nanao has attracted many female admirers due to his looks and charisma. However the side effect of this was that he also received many jealous attacks so his mother and aunts decided to have Kaito his cousin act as his bodyguard. This worked well in elementary school and though they went to separate middle schools they were still in extracurriculars and cram school together. Some time in the past Nanao used to go to the prefectural budokan to practice kyudo by himself and one time met with a judges teacher from whom he learned many things about kyudo. Gets along with Ryouhei due to their similar personalities. The two like to joke and laugh around together. Source: Tsurune Fandom