Kaito Onogi

Age: 15 Height: 178 cm 510 Kaito Onogi is a firstyear student at Kazemai High School and a member of the kyudo club. Kaito comes off as shorttempered overly serious and aggressive. He is easily riled up especially when his cousin Nanaohttps://anilist.co/character/128275/ calls him Kacchan or when he perceives someone to not be taking something as seriously as he does. He is blunt with his words and not afraid to say what he really thinks. He tends to jump to conclusions. This causes people to be afraid of him. A large part of his current personality might be due to being treated as someone scary ever since he was little due to his intimidating face. However he is also fiercely loyal to those he becomes close to. He is a good observer such as noticing Seiyahttps://anilist.co/character/128274/s issues with kyudo. He often serves as the straight man to the antics of others. His fellow members tease him for being a tsundere much to his annoyance. He is good with cats and has a white cat named Lucy. Source: Tsurune Fandom