Keigo Takami

鷹見啓悟, Hawks (ホークス)
Birthday:Dec 28
Age:22 (first appearance), 23 (current)
Height: 172 cm 5 7 Occupation: Pro Hero No.3 former No.2 current Quirk: Fierce Wings Affiliation: Hero Public Safety Commission Hawks is carefree jovial and dislikes formalities often acting in a spontaneous and unpredictable way while being cocky and taunting. He believes that popular approval is the most important metric a Pro Hero should be judged for and does not appear to take the official rankings seriously showing a preference for the lower ranks as it would allow him to act more freely and avoid the burdens of being a top hero. He states his wish to patrol in a leisurely fashion and take it easy. It is hinted that Hawks was a fan of Endeavor from an early age as depicted by the drawing of him as a child holding an Endeavor figurine. Source: Boku no Hero Academia Wiki