Momiji Ooka

大岡 紅葉
Age: 17 Gender:Female Momiji Ooka is a secondyear student from Kyoto Senshin High School and a champion of Hyakunin Isshu karuta. Her family is likely wealthy since she has a butler. Momiji claims Heiji Hattori proposed her when they were little and thus believes that they will be romantically involved in the future. She was once part of an elite karuta association called Nagorokai. She was the greatest student of the groups founder Nagoro Shikao. However after the group was disbanded she joined another association called the Satsukikai. Momiji appears to be an extremely competent detective as she saw through a trick merely based on a sound she heard in a phone call with her butler Muga Iori before Conan Heiji or Bourbon did. Later Muga says that her deduction was great as usual implying that she regularly solves cases and also says that Heijis great deductive skill was to be expected from the person that Momiji chose as her partner