Masaki Takigawa

Age: 23 Height: 184 cm 61 Masaki Takigawa is a senior shrine priest at Yata Shrine and later becomes the coach for the Kazemai High School Kyudo Club. He holds a fifth dan rank in kyudo. Masaki gives off the image of a mysterious refined young man but he is actually more laidback and downtoearth than he seems. He has the air of an old man despite his young age. He is noted to act roughly and sloppily in many things except in kyudo. He seems to dislike formality asking everyone to call him Masasan instead. He is friendly and good at explaining things qualities that make him a good coach in the eyes of the members of the Kazemai kyudo club. He is also good at listening and giving advice something he does with Minato frequently. He is not above speaking more vulgarly such as when coaching Minato to overcome his hayake at the Yata no Mori Kyudojo. Despite his easygoing nature Masaki also has a more serious and stubborn side to him when it comes to kyudo and his grandfather. Source: Tsurune Fandom