June May


As the top model of the top brand Royal Castrato, June May has every right to be proud of herself. She is seen as selfish, manipulative, and even narcissistic. While being kind and attractive to the commoners, her private demeanor changes completely. Having already won 3 consecutive Cloth Road tournaments against the other top brands, she looks forward in competing in the upcoming tournament. Unfortunately, Royal Castrato has other hidden agendas in mind. By conveniently "forgetting" to renew their contract, Royal Castrato replaces June May with a new star of their own--Juliet. To counter Royal Castrato's plot, she decides to train Jennifer (whom she believes to have great potential), and later interruptes the on-going Cloth Road tournament. After that she became a world-wide wanted criminal. That's why she left and told Jennifer not to be together with her. (source: Wikipedia)