Kurumi Akino

A seventeen-year-old Japanese schoolgirl who acts as the mother-figure and breadwinner in her family due to her mother being in poor health, and therefore unable to care for her and her younger twin brothers. She works at a convienince store and lives a normal life until she saves the infamous mobster Hak Lung from Hong Kong. Instantly attracted to him, Kurumi is whisked away to Hong Kong by Hak Lung and his men, suspecting at first that she was only being rewarded for her efforts and would return home the following day. In reality, Hak Lung was just as attracted to her as she was to him, and wanted her to remain at his side, promising that her family back in Japan would be well taken care of in her absence. Kurumi and Hak Lung lived a seemingly normal, teenage life together. The two proceeded to live in Hak Lung’s flat and attend Hak Lung’s school. Kurumi becomes acquainted with some of Hak Lung’s most trusted men, the Four Celestial Kings, and finds friendship in one such member; the cross-dressing Fo Lung. Eventually, she goes on to make friends with the beautiful Lai Lan, but is generally not accepted by her peers, being looked down on due to her nationality and relationship with Hak Lung, who sits at the top of the popularity (and internal) latter within the school. Hak Lung called Kurumi his “airen,” meaning “lover” on a closer, more intimate scale. Although well aware of Hak Lung’s status as the leader of a Hong Kong mafia organization, for a good portion of the series, Kurumi remains in the dark about the inner, brutal workings of such groups.

Lai Lan, whom Kurumi considered her best friend, actually conspired against her due to her jealously and lust for Hak Lung, who was her fiancé only in name. She got boys from their school to try and harass and rape Kurumi, thinking that the only way to truly get back at Hak Lung was to take away Kurumi’s virginity. Hak Lung, who realized quickly that Lai Lan was behind everything, proceeded to kill her in front of Kurumi, making Kurumi hate him and fear him, which was all another part of Lai Lan’s plan. After Lai Lan’s death, Kurumi was deathly afraid of dying by Hak Lung’s hand, cowering in fear that he had grown tired of her and would dispose of her like he did to Lai Lan, something which Lai Lan, before her death, told Kurumi he does once he gets tired of one of his mistresses. To ensure that Kurumi could never leave his side, Hak Lung raped Kurumi countless times, training her body to need him, this way, she could not escape. Kurumi did leave eventually, but was found by Hak Lung almost immediately. From that point on, she was treated as nothing more than a slave and appliance. Despite this, Kurumi still found herself madly in love with Hak Lung and did everything she could to remain by his side, even though by this point, Hak Lung had ordered her to be at Fung Lung’s side as his mistress. At one point, she tried committing suicide, but was stopped by Fung Lung. She eventually falls down a flight of stairs and loses all of her memories of Hong Kong and the Dragon King Organization. It is then that Hak Lung decides to start over in his relationship with Kurumi, trying to do everything with her that he could not do before hand due to Kurumi’s mental scarring. After seeing her family again and regaining her memories, Kurumi accepts Hak Lung’s marriage proposal. It was outside the church that they were to be married in that Hak Lung met his doom by the hand of an acquaintance of Kurumi, the young Ka Fai.