Alan Stuart

アラン・ステイア一 ト, Prince Alan
Birthday:Aug 20
Magic Type: Water Alan is the fourth prince of this country and is Geralds younger twin brother as well as a capture target. Hes a beautiful prince with a wild streak with silver hair and blue eyes and hes always being compared to Gerald so hes constantly in pain from feelings of inferiority and it should have been set that he hates his brother but Alan didnt seem to be troubled by an inferiority complex or anything at all now and it doesnt seem like he hates Gerald either. Katarina didnt know she was the reason why the twins relationship has been reasonably good. Although Alan route Katarina didnt appear as she wasnt a rival in the game she should have had hardly any contact with Alan but he would come to visit her almost every day and his talent for music has completely bloomed so Katarina always receive invitations to his piano and violin concerts and would always go together with everyone. Katarina and Alan were completely friends now. Game Description: Geralds younger twin brother the fourth prince of the country. Until he was five he was quite sickly and almost died. Because of that he was raised over protectively and became a rather spoiled prince. However compared to his older twin that can do anything hes a bit perverted. He always had a strong sense of rivalry and inferiority towards his older twin and barely interacted with him at all. Source: Destruction Flag Otome Wikia