Yuuki Otokura

Yuuki is a former child model who decides to start anew as an idol. While she looks boyish and mature due to her height she actually likes pink and cute outfits and became an idol to be able to wear them. She sees her height as a flaw and thinks it was the only reason she was a model in the first place. In a country where grown women can be 150cm tall being 164cm tall with room to go isnt good in Yuukis eyes. She genuinely wants people to stop using her because of her height and to notice her other abilities. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Yuuki is introduced by Kate. Her insecurities of her height are apparent as early as her first lines as is her yearning to become cuter. When having to dress as a deer for an event she ate her first carrot and helped Nono Morikubo get into her role as a squirrel. She has made friends with Yasuha Okazaki and admires Kako Takafujis seriousness and versatility. Source: Project iMS