Momoka Sakurai

Momoka is a young elegant girl from a wealthy family. Due to her princesslike demeanor she has a ladylike aura surrounding her. While Momoka tries to act older than she is she is still a just a young girl and enjoys things others her age enjoy. Despite insisting she be treated like a lady she uses the childish honorific chama when addressing the Producer. Momoka enjoys tea parties and takes them very seriously inviting many of the idols to partake in them with her especially when it comes to similarly elegant ladies such as Otoha and Yukino. Her favorite tea and drink is Rose Hip tea. She even has a flowery rose motif wearing many frilly flowery casual and stage outfits. She enjoys teasing Nao as she notes Nao chooses her clothes and costumes with the Producer in mind. Momoka also really likes the glasses Haruna gave her and enjoys selecting kimonos with friends. She holds the Producer in very high regard and shows that she will put herself on the line in order to show him that she cares about him. Momoka is close friends with Arisu starting from the Near to You event commu in Starlight Stage. Being the twelveyearold Hyougo idols both of them view each other as rivals duking out whos the leader for the song which belongs to Sanae instead. After a numerous battle lessons during the festival Momoka thinks that Arisu is not just as a worthy rival but also a comrade and a dear friend with the same vision of becoming a better person. Ever since the Near to You event commu concluded Momoka will occasionally be seen with Arisu both encouraging Nina face to face in order to come back as an idol after her fathers departure as well as going to the party to meet Fumika in the ending of the Illusionista event commu. Source: Project iMS