Shizuku Oikawa

Age: 16 Height: 170 cm Weight: 56 kg Birthday: June 3rd Blood type: O Three sizes: 1056492 cm Handedness: Both Hobbies: Milking Driving Tractors Horoscope: Gemini Hometown: Iwate Shizuku is a cheerful rural girl born and raised on a dairy farm. She has strong work ethics a positive outlook on life and an unlimited love for cows. With a catchphrase of Moo she carries the motif of her favorite animal specifically the black and white heifers known as Holstein Friesian cattle. As the daughter of a farmer from the countryside of the Iwate Prefecture she is not ignorant of technology and the times but still finds city life new and exciting. Shes quite strong having worked on a farm for as long as she can remember. She loves all types of animals but cows clearly take precedence. She is very protective of them and thinks people who eat them are terrible. Shizuku even thinks of herself as the official cow loving idol. She loves milk and cow comparisons to her are taken as a compliment. Shizuku isnt afraid to do some nonidol work if a job requires it and is particularly happy when she realizes she put on some muscle since she started being an idol. She can be rather airheaded and misses the point quite often. The fact that she is ambidextrous makes her confused on more than one occasion. She likes Hiromi Sekis necklaces and is happy when Hiromi says shell make her one. Source: Project iMS