Arisu Tachibana

Arisu is a studious responsible young girl. She loves to play games and frequently becomes engrossed in reading mystery novels. Arisu hates her name and prefers to be referred to by her surname because she deems it childish. She says that it sounds like a name out of a fairytale which could be in reference to Alice in Wonderland a story that her parents often read aloud to her. One of Arisus favorite food is strawberries and many of her cards and outfits have begun to feature them. Due to Arisu being responsible her parents have a tendency to overlook her since they are busy with work confident that Arisu can handle things on her own. This causes her to feel lonely every time she comes home because there is no one home to greet her and have dinner with. During the preparations for her solo live in Starlight Stage the producer asked her if she wanted to reserve some seats for her parents this causes her to feel lonely until the backup idols in her live intervene talking to her and calling the attention of her parents. Source: Project iMS