Yuka Nakano

Yuka is a karate champion who seeks to expand her horizons by becoming an idol. She was her karate teams team captain and was the ranking National Champion. Karate is a major aspect of her life but she wants to be a master of dance and song as well. Interestingly unlike other idols hobbies Yukas is never visually incorporated into her idol costumes. Shes shown to wear a karate gi in her first card illustration taken before she became an idol but its never been shown on stage. Instead her trademark is her two ponytails and she gets very embarrassed if shes seen with her hair down. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Yuka is depicted as being abnormally strong. In her first appearance she breaks a dartboard in half with a single throw. She has some experience with cooking although she does have trouble keeping up with a pumped up Takumi Mukai. She participated in a talk battle with Ayame Hamaguchi Kurumi Ohnuma and Kanade Hayami. When she landed a role with Aki Yamato and Itsuki Manabe in a Kung Fu movie she eagerly performed moves that had a focus on animal names. She seems to like Yukari Mizumotos sleeping face. Source: Project iMS