Miyu Mifune

Miyu is a beautiful yet apparently lonely woman. Before becoming an idol she was an office lady. In the original game she met the Producer on Christmas Eve a holiday usually reserved for couples in Japan. She is very shy and nervous and has trouble smiling or enjoying herself. Miyu had a Golden Retriever in her childhood but its death is one of the causes she gained her sad and somewhat tragic nature on top of an implied troubled past. She has a crush on the Producer due to his kind actions towards her and even says that hes as important to her as her family. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Miyu acts as a motherly figure to the younger idols and will often take care of them if in need. She enjoys acting and sees it as her growth of becoming a new person through her idol life. She enjoys the extraordinary urban view from an above ground club calling it one of her favorite places. Miyu is also an excellent golfer. In Starlight Stage the Producer meets her when she breaks the heel of her shoe on the way home from work. Shes extremely apprehensive about being an idol saying that shes gone with the flow her entire life and doesnt have the confidence to stand in front of people. However when the Producer tells her that becoming an idol is her choice she sees the chance to go against the flow and make her own decisions. Source: Project iMS