Sanae Katagiri

Sanae is a former police officer who quit the force to become an idol largely because the Producer convinced her. She is very flirtatious to the Producer and uses a lot of police terminology when talking. She wishes to be seen by other idols as an older sister and be called Oneesama despite the fact that she is shorter than idols who are half her age. She also tends to get upset if other mention she is single and is very easily susceptible to drinking to drown her sorrows. She is in the upper tier for bust size which is further enhanced because shes rather short. Her cards often reference that she wants to put the Producer in handcuffs lock him up and do an interrogation as a teasing double entendre. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Sanae is a former police officer. She sees herself as an older sister to her fellow idols and will go to great lengths to help promote this. She leads training lessons for Nagisa Aino Erika Akanishi Makino Yagami and Yuriko Ohnishi. While she finds it extremely difficult Sanae continues to do so because she wants to be considered reliable. She sometimes puts others before hers and can sometimes wind up looking like a fool because of it. She is nervous when it comes to Yukino Aiharas high class tea and ceramics. Sanae has a habit of getting drunk and often drags other idols into it as well. She has found drinking buddies in Kaede Takagaki Shino Hiiragi Rei Shinohara and Rena Hyodo and made friends with Kiyora Yanagi. Sanae earned a movie role of an evil mahjong player and in turn became one of Atsumi Munakatas ogling victims. Her sense of style seems to mostly include extremely short dresses that show a lot of cleavage. She is said to be stunning in a bathing suit although she has put on a childs swimsuit in order to gain attention. Source: Project iMS