Hikaru Hiyama

Birthday:Nov 15
Birthdate: November 15 1971 or 1973 Hikaru is initially presented as being unpleasant a brawler and a tougher talker than Madoka. But once she becomes friends with Kyosuke it is revealed that she039s actually very kind and energetic. She accidentally sees Kyosuke perform an impressive physical feat using quotThe Powerquot and ends up falling for him quite hard. She always refers to him by the english word quotdarlingquot. She tends to revert to a form of baby talk which is a signal she039s extremely immature and shielded. She has an unrequited love for Kyosuke and has been Madoka039s best friend for several years since she and Yusaku Hino were the only ones who were never afraid of Madoka. Her name refers to the brightness of the sun and of a sparkling personality. Hikaru is two years younger than Ayukawa and Kyosuke and has the same birthday as Kyosuke.