Kiyomasa Senji

千地清正, Crow
Senji was the first Deadman that Ganta encountered at the prison. After making their way to sector G Crow destroyed the Necro Macro security robot which had been chasing Ganta Shiro and Yoh. After a small skirmish and an interruption by Shiro Crow was subdued by the Deadman security. The next day Ganta and Senji were slated to be the next two Deadmen to compete in the Carnival Corpse. Despite Senjis experience and skill with his branch ability Ganta managed to win by fooling Senji. As a consequence for losing Senjis right eye was removed for research. He returns a short time later during Gantas next match sporting an eyepatch and gives Ganta assistance with figuring out his opponents techniques. He also helps Ganta understand his own capabilities. His change in personality toward Ganta is due to his respect for Gantas strength. Senji comments that because Ganta beat him he is not allowed to lose until they have a rematch. He seems to thoroughly enjoy violence and his favorite phrase is Dead Center or in the dub of the anime Sssslice.. Despite his wild and battlehungry attitude he does have a sense of honor and respects strength and determination. In an ironic twist Senji becomes flustered and embarrassed when a woman acts immodest. When he first notices Shiros form fitting body tights his face becomes red and he give her his coat telling her to quickly cover up. His Branch of Sin is called Crow Claw. It manifests as two large scythelike blades made of blood extending from long cuts on his forearms. He makes these cuts using two bladed rings he wears on his thumbs. While the blades are typically two to three feet long Senji has demonstrated the ability to greatly lengthen them allowing him to attack people at range. He is responsible for naming Gantas Branch of Sin Ganta Gun. He also has a supersonic attack called Invisible Black. Senji used to be a policeman before his time in DW. Its hinted that he killed four friends.