Oguro Iwao

雄黒, Knuckleduster
Age: 45 Height: 185 cm 61 Occupation: Vigilante Quirk: Quirkless Knuckleduster is an individual with a strong sense of justice and drive to do the right thing. He prefers to punch first and ask questions later as he is willing to beat up people he deems to look suspicious on the slim chance that they may be villains forcing his teammates to hold him back before he goes too far. Despite this he has proven to be more intelligent and smart than he seems to be at first. His costume consists of a simple wraparound mask tied over the top of his head a tightfitting dark shirt jeans boots and a long trench coat. On his hands he wears a pair of gloves topped with a pair of brass knuckles or knuckledusters from which he derives his name. Source: Wikia